3 piece Band Wilds



3 piece band Wilds are available as 3 , 4 or 5 piece band. They are ideal for events where you want to get your guests on the dance floor tossing all types of insane shapes! With set-lists that cover all eras – from rock and roll to current chart toppers – these band have songs that will satisfy everyone -Bossa nova, funk, lounge, pop-rock, rock, pop, dance, R&B, jazz, Latin music, blues!
Furthermore, they are perfect for fitting into smaller spaces or venues but mean you don’t have to compromise on having a function to remember.


3 piece band Wilds genuinely love what they do and it shows to everyone who has seen them live. If you are looking for a band that none of your friends can top at their party, then it has to be 3 piece band Wilds.

If you are looking for a wedding band to kick-start your evening and ensure everyone takes their full bellies onto the dance floor to throw shapes from the strike of the first chord to the bang of the last drum beat, this is the band for you.

3 piece band Wilds believe that every wedding and party is different and you shouldn’t need to compromise. These boys take pride in working with you to make sure you have a night which you and your friends and family will talk about with a smile for years to come!