Female Sax/Violin Player Nina





Nina is a multi-instrumentalist accomplished in Saxophone, Violin, Viola, Cello, Ukulele, Guitar and Piano. She is the ideal act for parties, weddings, corporate functions, club nights. Female Saxophone/Violin Player Nina is dedicated to creating a unique, lavish and energized party experience.

Her genres include jazz, pop, funk, dance, rock, and house, and she is certain to have mass appeal at your event.

To book this Bahrain saxophonist for your event contact our JMStrings Entertainment Specialists today. Our dedicated team of Entertainment Specialists will be more than happy to provide further details on this and other musicians that can play chill out music for events in Bahrain, KSA, Qatar, Maldives, Asia and worldwide.

If you manage a bar or club and are looking to put on a night with an exciting twist, or you are a bride-to-be looking for something extra special at your wedding ceremony, a female saxophonist/violinist adds stunning visual impact and unique energy to your night.

If you are an event company looking to host a show-stopping event or there’s a big birthday on the horizon, there’s very little more unique than a female saxophonist.

Female Sax/Violin Player Nina grew up sure that arts are going to be a nice hobby, but nothing more and now she is working with the best musicians, authors, and projects. She played over 300 concerts, wrote over 100 music arrangements and toured around Europe and China with various projects. In 2014 she joined 2 big band projects in her country where she played the alto saxophone. They had a gala concert in Cankar Hall in 2015 and a few other big venues. After that, she played the violin and wrote arrangements for acoustic quintet. In 2015 she played violin in ballet show Stabat Mater in SNG Maribor with the Baroque orchestra of Academy of music. In 2017 she joined Rock project, where she is guest violinist and arranger for strings. In December 2017 she went on tour to China with Salzburger Philharmonie Orchester. They played 10 concerts all over China and received very good reviews. In February 2018, Nina participated in Slovenian Eurovision contest with her band. They went through to the final. In 2018 she again touring China as part of Salzburger Philharmonie Orchestra. In 2019 she started a trio project with some of the best younger generation musicians in Europe. They play ethno, pop, jazz, classical …



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