Indian Band Naman



Indian band Naman has been formed by Naman and Deepak who took it up as a challenge to assemble a team of musicians who are equally passionate and fanatical about Music. After hustling for long in the field of Music, It has always been a vivid childhood dream for them to perform on that big stage and express their undying love for their art with the spotlight on them. However, not all dreams come true, not at a specific time but they do come true if you have an unwavering will to turn your thoughts into reality.


In their early 30’s, they decided to form Indian band Naman  and found amazing performers and musicians like Sharan, whose fingers run like water on his Bass Guitar. Rahul, a multi-instrumentalist, and a proficient guitar player. Then they found another wheel to their cart, Peterson, a seasoned Lead Guitar player and music tutor with a wide set of skill set in his arsenal.
Indian Band Naman  is all about doing things differently. The Band plays Bollywood covers covering genres like Romantic, Sufi, Punjabi, Soft -Alternative Rock, Retro and Soul Music. The original composition of Indian Band Naman are hidden gems which will come out soon and surprise everyone around.

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