Salsa Dance Show


salsa dance show

Bring back the energy, fun, and passion with our amazing Salsa Dance show for all kind of corporate events. These experienced Latin dancers will break the energy through various types of Latin styles such as Salsa, Cumbia, Tango, Samba, Rumba or Pasodoble. This Salsa dance show can be performed by 1 single couple up to 6 couples in several acts with custom outfits to bring the glamour.

Your event will be filled with the beats of Cumbia, Mambo or Salsa as guests watch and groove to the talent of these performers. Available in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, rest of the GCC, Maldives, Macao and other international locations such as Hong Kong.

This lively ballroom dance show will fill the event with energy and lively atmosphere, involving all the guests in the Latin way of life. Each one can be dedicated to every Latin style in order to know and go further to the enthusiasm and the magnificence of this formal dance. With specially tailored costumes designed and produced for corporate events, the show becomes a complete Latin experience.  Did you always wanted to take dance classes, but have never found the time for? Celebrations, good times full of color and smiles all around. It is the ideal concept for a great party if you want to entertain your guests in a truly authentic atmosphere.