Argentinian tango show Milonga


Argentinian tango show Milonga

Argentinian tango show Milonga

Argentinian tango show Milonga is designed for those who love the sensual beauty of tango.

Tango dance is a type of partner dance that originated in South America.  It is currently one of the most popular dances in the world. All tango shares a common theme of passion and sensuality, so if you want to add a bit of flair to your event, a tango dancer is a great choice!

Argentinian Tango dance show Milonga is available for booking in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, all around DCC and internationally.

Male tango dancer Dio

Dancer, teacher and choreographer, originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he began to dance and devote himself fully to dance, having his own groups and company.
Dio has extensive training in dance, from samba, bachata, salsa, zouk, ballet, jazz … and nowadays his life revolves around tango in all its aspects.

He participated in multiple competitions, winning the preliminary of Rio de Janeiro in 2015 in the category Stage Tango, going directly to the Semifinal of the Tango World Championship in Buenos Aires.
There he danced in outstanding tango houses and shows such as El Viejo Almacen, Senor Tango, among others … he was part of companies like La Clandestina and teaches group and private classes.
He has worked in different countries dancing and teaching classes Sweden, Denmark, Uruguay, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Serbia, France, Bosnia …


Laya – Female


Dancer, teacher, and choreographer trained in different styles of dance, starting with classical, jazz, hip hop, flamenco until today fully dedicated to tango.
Laya trained as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer in Barcelona and Buenos Aires with masters and dancers featured in the tango world. Meanwhile, she danced in tango houses like Cafe Tortoni and was part of the tango stage companies. She competed in different championships.
She worked in different countries such as Romania, France, Germany, Turkey, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Bosnia, Greece …


Currently, Laya and Dio look for a different style, between the most traditional tango, improvised with the floor as starring and at the same time, a young, fresh and innovative tango characterized by the influence of tango escenario, showing that there’s not age and limit for those who want to dance it.

Make your wedding day special with a special touch of Argentinian tango dance show Milonga.

Looking for an authentic tango dance show or performance for your Lounge bar, Rooftop bar or Tango restaurant, Argentinian tango show Milonga is the best choice tango entertainment for it.

The appeal and importance of the tango were officially recognized in 2009 when UNESCO added it to its Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists. The mission of Argentinian tango show Milonga is to involve audiences in events that celebrate tango, transporting the spectator into a unique world and magic of tango.