Singer Guitarist Zvetelin

Singer Guitarist Zvetelin

Singer Guitarist Zvetelin

Singer& Guitarist Zvetelin has spent years fine-tuning his amazing talent which is guaranteed to make your event unforgettable!

Providing a versatile approach to music he provides a combination of classical, Spanish, jazz and popular music styles catered for the occasion on both classical and electric guitar. An experienced guitar performer on the live music circuit he is also an experienced singer with a large repertoire of songs in many styles.

His soft and heart touching music is suitable for background music in a restaurant or main entertainment of any event or wedding party.

With a wealth of performance experience, Zvetelin has previously performed with multiple groups all across the Middle East and Asia.

He is a prominent Singer Acoustic Guitar player with vast experience. He has built an impressive repertoire spanning all genre, enabling him to perform as background music at a black tie dinner or filling up the dance floor with party hits. Either way, he will accommodate your needs to make your event stand out.

Zvetelin prides himself through his work and is guaranteed to add a sparkle to your day. Singer Guitarist Zvetelin is very passionate about being professional and providing people with a special experience.

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