Spanish Fantasy- Flamenco dance show

"Spanish Fantasy" show

Spanish Fantasy- Flamenco show

If you are looking for a true Spanish art form, with lightning-fast footwork, thumping music, heart racing claps coupled with typical flamenco dresses, castanets, shawls, and fans, our excellent acts can provide it. Spanish Fantasy- Flamenco dance show bring the grace and vibrancy of gypsies for your next private party, upcoming client weddings, festivals, corporate functions, ceremonies, themed events and more.

Flamenco dance show “Spanish Fantasy” is a representation of the art of flamenco for its visual quality, creative worth and for being model and example of the most rooted Spanish culture.

Flamenco dance genre where cultural icons are rendered with an unprecedented fusion of color, personality, are rendered with a phenomenal combination of shading, identity, and vitality to attract the viewer and effect a satisfying visual and audio effect.

Duende, gypsy passion, strength… flamenco feeling, you will find this all at the Spanish Fantasy show. Suitable for private and corporate events, Christmas and New Year Gala dinners.


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