Circus on Ice show

Circus on IceCircus on ice show is one of our finest performances. New technologies, bewitching scenery, spectacular lighting effects create an unforgettable grandiose show on the ice!
Thanks to the impressive production of the new ice show, consisting of dancing on ice and exciting circus figure skaters. Circus on Ice takes viewers to the magical world of Wonderland and its quaint inhabitants. From the very beginning, a fantastic story surprises

and amazing not only young but also adult spectators.

Gracef8c1d4d_68d014ad108143a3955082702ec1543f_mv2uln8c1d4d_d93cbaad37514764be47c798c9be28ff_mv2_d_1920_1280_s_2 (1)ess, beauty and 8c1d4d_7fc25451d4cb4a59a201797579f06bfb_mv2_d_1920_1296_s_2elegance, incredible lightness and the highest technique performance carry the audience into the world of fairy tales. A new grandiose direction, a new fantastically beautiful and entertaining choreography,
New luxury costumes, fascinating music, and breathtaking acrobatics. An elegant, temperamental ballet on ice combined with a magnificent traditional circus program is a real magical performance for the whole family.

To book  Circus on ice show for your event contact our  JMStrings Entertainment Specialists today. Our dedicated team of Entertainment Specialists will be more than happy to provide further details on this and other circus acts that can play chill out music for events in KSA, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Maldives and worldwide.