Shinning trio Party Band

The Shinning trio Party ban

The Shinning trio Party band

The Shinning trio party band exciting and energetic performances ‘wow’ guests at weddings, corporate functions, and events all over the Middle East, Maldives and abroad. Music is the soul of every venue or wedding celebration that accompanies each of the three major highlights of the day: the ceremony, reception, and party.
After the banquet, music becomes the most memorable elements of the wedding. This time is usually live music is one of the most important elements of the good party for guests and family.
What can be better than a live party band playing your favorite songs?

A live party band so versatile that in addition to the party ‘floor fillers’ they can also teach everyone the moves. The shinning trio party band is always a great surprise for your guests and they will make your evening even more memorable!

The Shinning trio Party band

The Shinning trio Party ban

The Shinning trio Party band

Band’s charismatic lead singer, has an exceptional voice and delivers a performance that holds everyone’s attention in the room.

They have worked in hotels in China, Bahrain, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Cyprus, Turkey, and other countries. But as well being part of live music entertainment of prestigious cruise line company Azamara Club Cruises on one of their most luxury cruise ships.

The Shinning trio is available for booking as an acoustic party band usually suitable for smaller venues.

With such a large playlist, this stunning live band can be hired to play a mixed repertoire from ALL decades.  They will give you a night of the most popular floor filling music to get your guests perfect music entertainment and provoke them to dance all night.

The Shinning trio band is one of our most popular live party bands, performing a wide mixture of party and upbeat music. They are a great choice to satisfy everyone’s taste. Very much in demand for wedding and corporate events, the best choice for party entertainment for New Year Eve gala dinner or other events.

They are available for bookings in Bahrain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Qatar, Maldives, Hong Kong and internationally.

You can receive quotes for party, function or cover bands for your corporate event or party in Bahrain, KSA, Qatar, Oman, UAE or all around GCC and Maldives.


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