Hologram Speech



Make your next seminar, speech or launch party memorable with stunning life-size video holograms for business and entertainment. Whether it’s bringing back celebrities or enchanting visuals, we consistently produce the most creative results. Audiences can enjoy virtual images right in front of their eyes, without special equipment.

Ideal for Concerts, Conferences, TV, Activations, Interactive Installations. Immersive Experiences, Parties, Product Launches and Exhibitions.

The holographic presentations use a variation of Pepper’s ghost, an illusion technique that was popularized in amusement parks, theatre, museums, and concerts in the 1860s. Named after John Henry Pepper, the scientist who popularized the effect, the technique uses image projection and panes of glass to allow a live person to interact with the projected image.

Our hologram technology pushes boundaries and expectations and provides that extra wow factor to captivate your audiences. With our revolutionary innovative 3D holographic projection technique, your speech will never be forgotten.


In a touch of brilliance on addition, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council delivered a speech via hologram to thousands in attendance at the World Government Summit (WGS). And in doing so, he laid to rest the concerns of many who feel technology could soon take the place of the human being.

Working with us and our innovative technology we will bring your vision to life. The Hologram speech will enable you to create a stunning experience for your audiences.

The advent of lasers proclaimed a new era of holography beginning in the 1960s because they are a source of extremely bright, stable, monochromatic light waves. Using two beams from the same laser is ideal for recording a hologram and quickly resulted in impressive 3-D representational hologram speech.

Book a holographic speech to illustrate innovation and capture audience attention. The resulting holographic presentation worked extremely well for corporate presentations and conferences.

We worked with projection film supplier by Musion to create a holographic 3D experience with Live Marketing talent making the introduction on the main stage. Seeing outcomes in real life truly exhibits the effect that this introduction strategy can convey to the Audience.

Dazzle your guests at your next special corporate event with an entertainment option that utilizes the most recent in eye-catching innovation!

Create an advertising campaign with a difference by using image projection to create impressive displays, ideal for high profile galas, corporate events, product launches, exhibitions, and corporate shows.

Hologram technology. Your hologram speech. Your vision!