Acrobatic Show Lomo

acrobatic show Lomo NEWLooking to hire incredible, captivating performance to headline your event. Acrobatic Show Lomo incorporates a group of astonishing acrobats and can promise you a show you’ll never forget.

Stage performance that combines all acrobatics elements, balance flight and flexibility, dance, and theater play together in a phenomenal theater show!

With some beautiful and unique routines, they will enchant the room, ensuring all eyes are on them as they reveal their impressive command of skills. As an entertainment booking agency we specialize in recognizing the best talents in the business and the acrobats to hire on our roster can deliver a top quality show that is sure to make your event one of a kind.

Acrobatic Show Lomo is available for booking in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, Oman and all around GCC and Asia.


Acrobats and Acrobatic Act on our Roster

The fantastic range of acrobatic acts and solo acrobats to hire on our roster include elite athletes who are the best in their field, some of which have even World Champions in Acrobatics! These amazing acrobats, all unique in their own right, will put on a captivating show dedicated to entertaining their audience, with a variety of diverse acts; all unique in their own right.  You can hire acrobats from all kinds of backgrounds to amaze at your event. Russian, Ukrainian, African, Chinese are some of the acrobats in our wide range or variety.

Looking for something unique for your corporate party, New Year Eve Celebration or special private event or something special for your hotel lounge venue do not hesitate to amaze your guests with aerial, trapeze, wire, female contortionist or aerial stips.

Acrobatic Show Lomo

Acrobatic Show Lomo

Human Pyramid, hand balancing (2)

Acrobatic show Lomo

Acrobatic show Lomo (1)
Acrobatic show Lomo (3)