Roller Skating Duo



For something truly unique, dynamic and exciting hire roller skating acts or roller skating dancers to be the life of your party. These high-energy, vibrant roller skating acts will make a fabulous impression on your guests.

Make your event unforgettable, book our Roller Skating Duo to perform at your gala dinner, corporate event or wedding. Roller Skating Duo are two professional young roller dancers who competitively represent Ukraine in artistic roller skating.


They are young, enthusiastic and love showing off their skills! Roller Skating duo can spin, jump and dance as entertainment for your event, and are able to perform as a show, or as promotion for your product, they are guaranteed to wow the crowd with their amazing skills!

Roller Skater Duo have other skaters that they can incorporate into the act, and they can bespoke choreograph a routine to suit the style you are looking for, whether this is elegant and captivating, or fast and thrilling!

The girls can perform in a wide variety of costumes, including in dresses and 80’s style roller girl outfits.

For more details on hiring roller skating dancers and roller skating acts get in touch with our JMStrings Entertainment Specialists.
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