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Hire a sensational shadow shows and add mystique and atmosphere to all adults and kinds of the event. These engrossing shadow shows will fascinate your guests and make the occasion unforgettable. Get in touch to find out more about hiring a shadow show.

Looking for an act that’s heartwarming, intriguing and artistic at the same time? Our shadow shows weave enchanting stories with grace and elegance for a spectacular performance.

From comedy to romance or historical drama, pick your narrative to tailor the act to your event. Check out our roster for your requirements or get in touch with us.

If you hire a shadow show for your event you can be sure this remarkable entertainment will be a hit with all your guests.

Shadow Shows on our ROSTER
Each of the shadow shows to hire on our books have put their own spin on the mesmerizing format of a shadow show, whether it is a comedic performance, or a show tailored entirely to your choice of narrative. Incorporating color and gorgeous scenery into their act, a shadow show is always guaranteed to stun the audience with its innovative use of movement and body positions. Here are just a few of the excellent shadow shows on our ROSTER.