Latin Band Moon

Latin Band Moon

Latin Band Moon

Latin Band Moon is incorporating Latin-Pop music in the style of Shakira, J-Lo, Celia Cruz, and Marc Anthony to provides world-class live music performances that will leave everyone dancing and enjoying!

Latin musicians of Moon band not only have modern songs but their extensive repertoire includes some of the most popular Cuban music pieces, with set lists including Latin-Jazz, Pop, Latin-Pop, Jazz, Classical, Funk, Flamenco, Spanish, Portuguese, Rock, Brazilian, Folk, Soul, Disco, Dance, and R&B. The Latin Band Moon strives to meet your highest expectation for your event, hotel lounge bar or restaurant.

Looking for good vibes and Caribbean rhythms to your next event. Booking Latin Band is guaranteed to bring the authentic Cuban atmosphere of the Caribbean island to any party!

Being the perfect live music entertainment for a variety of 5-stars hotels they are also suitable for celebrations like NYE, Christmas, corporate and private parties. Latin Band Moon is popular for festivals, restaurants, clubs, Cuban bars, and many more as well as playing acoustic music in a wedding reception! While performing live music of salsa or merengue they can even join the fun by asking members of the audience to dance with them.

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