Female Pianist Petia

Female pianist Petia

Female Pianist Petia

The female pianist Petia has a colorful portfolio playing for weddings, church services, dinner music, and special occasions. Her versatility means she can play any request track assigned before the event. Her love for music radiates through her playing which can be best described as relaxing, smooth, and romantic.


Perfect background piano player Petia has a long experience as Lobby lounge pianist in 5 stars hotels, cruise ships, and high-class event. She is available for bookings in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman all around GCC or worldwide.
Able to perform ambient music with a classy type of sound.  The beautiful sound of classical piano and her wide collection of pieces extend from Bach to Gershwin in addition to Broadway top choices, American standards, and popular film music make her the best choice for every Hotel Lobby lounge or classy event. In addition,  she has always a professional appearance and appropriate guest attitude and etiquette.





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