Flyboard Water And Fire show

Flyboard fire and water show

Flyboard fire and water show

Flyboard Water and fire show is an extreme water-air acrobatic performance fusing spectacular stunts with lasers and fireworks.

These incredible water-based shows include pyrotechnics, flamethrowers and LED costumes.

Flyboarding or hydroflying is a relatively new sport and water attraction that shot to fame in 2012 and has gained a significant following since.


Team of professional flyboard performers with many accolades to their name riding stands on a board connected to the water by a long hose to supply propulsion.

This is a high-impact act with WOW factor element for large scale events, special celebrations, luxury VIP parties, and product presentation.

Flyboard Water And Fire show

Flyboard Water And Fire show

The artists in neon suits performed summersaults and other breathtaking stunts at the height of a dozen meters above the water while the night sky was spectacularly lit up by colored lasers and fireworks.

Led by a professional flyboard team that creates an incredible water-based show, this amazing flyboard show is very dramatic and sure to create an impact.

The professional flyboard acrobats have taken their stunning fire and water-based show to the likes of  BAhrain, Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar Thailand, Cyprus, Turkey, France, Bali, Greece, UAE, China, Maldives and throughout Russia.

Our Flyboard Water And Fire show takes things to the extreme by creating an outstanding water-based show with flyboard acrobatics combining fire with LED costumes.  This unique flyboard performance is a real showstopper that guarantees to pull in a crowd and create a visually captivating experience the audience will be talking about long after the event.

This group of professional flyboard professionalists  tailor their unique fire and water performance to every event and have multiple performers, costumes and routines to choose from:

Daytime show flyboard
Daytime show with themed costumes
Nighttime show with LED costumes
Nighttime show with flamethrowers
Nighttime show with flamethrowers and LED costumes
Spectacular nighttime show with LED, flamethrowers and pyrotechnics

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