Red Tail Show

Hire An Amazing Red Tail Show | Circus Shows For Your Corporate Events & Parties

Red Tail ShowWith grace and poise, Red Tail’s performances will take your breath away. The show is a delightful blend of dazzling acrobatics, hard-hitting choreography, gymnastics and a twist on the traditional circus acts with upbeat music. Able to provide a fully-equipped aerial and freestanding rig that can be set up in virtually any environment, the Red Tail show is the perfect choice for those who would like to book circus entertainment but aren’t too sure whether their venue is currently able to host such acts.

Supremely talented circus & acrobatic performers, we highly recommend Red Tail show for product launches, corporate events, and private parties in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, and the Maldives.


JMStrings Entertainment is an entertainment company that offers different acrobatic and circus shows. From magic to musical theater to acrobatic shows, there is no end to the entertainment options. But if you’re in the mood for acrobatics, book Red tail show, all of which feature amazing high-flying acrobatics and aquatic artistry.

All of our circus performers and acts can be fully customized from the outfits and the themes to the makeup and the routines to match all of your party entertainment needs, even the ones that are still up in the air.

Red Tail show is not just a  string of chilling circus acts, or a variety show, or a naughty cabaret; it’s all these things with some enchanting acts encompassing aspects from all three.  From Aerial acrobatics, balancing, and tightrope acts to provocative songs, sexy dances, thrilling choreography. 

The number of performers from 10 to 25

The duration of the show 30 minutes to 1.5 hours

Scene Size : width 12m , depth – 10 m, height – 9 m

If you are looking to hire an acrobatic show with wow effect in GCC or Asia don’t hesitate to contact our team of Entertainment Specialists today.


 Acrobatic and dance show Red Tail is available for booking in Saudi Arabia (المملكة العربية السعودية), Abu Dhabi/أبو ظبي, Umm al-Quwain/أم القيوين, Dubai/دبي),Ras Al Khaimah(إِمَارَة رَأْس ٱلْخَيْمَة), Qatar (Doha/الدوحة), Bahrain (Manama/المنامة),Oman, Kuwait, Egypt (Hurghada/الغردقة UAE, Qatar, Maldives, Asia,all Around the Middle East, and (Hongkong / 香港), Macau.

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