3D projection mapping Show

3D projection mapping show

3d Projection mapping show

What is 3D projection mapping Show?
Projection mapping, also known as spatial augmented reality, used to turn objects into a display surface for video projection, instead of a traditional flat screen. Essentially the projection simply enhances your object into dynamic art, so people watching the projection see the video content as part of the object. Without realizing it, you may have already encountered this technology at a theater, inaugurations, concerts, sports games, or in advertising.


3D projection mapping can create art on buildings, small indoor objects or theatrical stages and can create portraits, scenes and 3D effects which are simply astounding. 3D projection mapping can create amazing pieces of 3D animation by integrating your company logo in the show for all corporate events.



Use of 3D projected mapping shows to turn buildings and other flat surfaces into dynamic art – has exploded in recent years. Using motion graphics, video, 3D animation, holograms, and other new technology for corporate events now have increasingly innovative ways to convey brand messaging, provide unique stage backdrops, decorate walls and ceilings, and evoke emotions.
Now you can bring projection mapping to your events with this new technology, you can create dynamic fluid backgrounds of just about anything.

Not only is projection mapping trendy, but the technology can also enhance your event, like a digital makeup. Projection mapping technology allows you to further captivate your audience attention through visual aesthetics. This technology adds to an event’s memorability,  interactivity and perhaps most importantly will touch their hearts.



We offer our clients creative solutions for 3D Projection Mappings, Stage Shows, advertisements, events or even permanent installations that will visualize your imagination.

Using projection mapping at your next event can also save you money. Instead of buying banners, décor, and props to complete your event’s theme, you can project decorations on the walls, floors, or other objects at your ballroom. For roadshow planners, projection mapping can save you even more, since you no longer need to pay for the transportation and setup of your décor.

For instance, some companies, particularly those in the car industry, have used 3D mapping to display their cars. Instead of shipping their vehicles to an auto show, some industry professionals have created a foam car shell that they then project content onto. During the show, they can change the model, change the color of the car or even display how the car looks at high speeds.
Other companies, use projection mapping to personalize wedding venues. Now, a wedding planner can take bland ballroom venues and transform them into the bride and groom’s dream venue, almost like a pink cherry blossom forest. Wedding planners can give the bride and groom rose petals, sunsets, and fireworks, all cued to their favorite music.
Many companies in the event planning industry use 3D projection mapping to enhance their events in a variety of ways.

JMStrings Entertainment 3D projection mapping team provides audiovisual shows and video mapping services for all kinds of events. We have a huge repertoire of themed visuals that allow entire environments or stages to be transformed. If you would like to hire a 3D Mapping Team for corporate entertainment, JMStrings 3D mapping team is the best in the business! Our 3D projection mapping shows are unique and affordable. Contact us today about hiring our bespoke 3D Projection Mapping services.