Aerial Electric violin show

Aerial Electric violin show

Aerial Electric violin show

Aerial violin show

Experience exquisitely performed music from our violinist hanging high in the air! This act requires phenomenal balance and grace along with classical training in the violin.

Aerial Electric violin is a show that gives a real measure of professionalism and art. An extremely talented violinist uses her acrobatic skills in the air combined with violin’s music and modern beats to create a beautiful artistic performance.

The eccentric aerial violin show is meant to create drama and sophistication in your event. Pick from classical, jazz, pop or movies tracks for her set list and she will provide the best covers with acrobatic flair.

She is exceptional violinist very wide- known on the international scene.

Aerial Electric Violin show is available for bookings to book for gala dinners, award ceremonies or corporate events in the KSA, GCC, Maldives and Macao.



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