Tango dance show Tanguera

Tango dance show Tanguera

Tango dance show Tanguera

Tango Dance show Tanguera offers the public a show that will combine the tangos of all the life with the Milongas and Valses of the most varied styles. The music will be most popular tangos by Piazzolla, Carlos Gardel, Troilo and d’Arienzo and the dance will go hand in hand with the dancers and choreographers to the public.

Looking for entertainment that will make your event stand out. Our authentic Argentine tango dancers are guaranteed to deliver a powerful and moving performance of this popular dance style, admired the world over for its expressive sensuality, complexity, and elegance.

Looking for Party Performance for your guests! Have a romatic and sexy themed dance for your wedding party or another special event. Tango dance show Tanguera can offer various performance types to suits your special requirements.


Tango dance show Tanguera

Tango dance show Tanguera (3) Tango dance show Tanguera (4)









Modern, an impressively and high energy performance available for parties, themed events, festivals, gala dinners, ceremonies, New Year Eve events, a special party or corporate events. Our world-class tango dancers will bring truly dynamic entertainment to your guests with lasting memories. Enquire today about bringing our fantastic Argentine Tango dance show Tanguera to your event in Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia or the Maldives.


This fantastic tango dance couple belongs to a new generation of young dancers who devote themselves entirely to the art of Tango Dancing. Their mission is to make tango a lifestyle showing how much we love what they do and, through hard work and commitment to this art. Tango meant the world for them since it created what they believe to be the foundations of their art. During the years, they went through a number of enriching experiences such as dancing competitions, shows and Tango events which encouraged them to take the decision of becoming professional dancers. Along with the support of great Maestros and instructors, they were able to develop a unique dancing style both in our performances and in their teaching system. JMStrings Entertainment team strongly believes their performances are a way to genuinely open up to anyone interested in Tango.



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