Scottish Dance Show

Scottish DANCE show



Our exceptional Scottish dancers will bring the ceremonious environment and energizing visual scene of the traditional culture of Scotland. With a combination of female and male Scottish dancers, this act is being booked in advance as the top entertainment option during dinner,  to open a conference or festival.

Available in Bahrain, Saudi Arabic, rest of the GCC, Maldives, Macao and other international locations such as Hong Kong.


Scottish dane show 6 Scottish show 4 Scottish show 7

Scottish show3







Melding components of the Highland Fling, Scottish Country Dancing and Traditional Reels our artists are certain to have the audience on their feet clapping along to the contaminations rhythms of the bagpipes and drums.
Dressed head to toe in authentic Royal Stewart tartan, our dancers can perform to a recorded track or can be joined by live bagpipes and drummers to upgrade the performance further.

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