Trapeze Duo Inspiration

Trapeze Duo Inspiration

Trapeze Duo Inspiration

One of the most breathtaking and spectacular acrobatic show. One trapeze and two professional acrobats with extreme and highly terrifying tricks. They will tell a beautiful story with no words, creating a real masterpiece of flexing their bodies.
The optimal decision for any kind of stages. A stunning performance that is sure to impress your guests.
This Aerial Trapeze Duo Inspiration amaze crowds at events of all types. Festivals, Corporate, Gala dinners, nightclub, music, theatre, and circus shows.

The aerial acrobatic duo can adapt and create a special customized show to your event, or choreograph and create bespoke performances. Each aerial performance can be customized to suit the event theme and the venue, from costumes to music, everything is tailored to suit the needs of the event.
The talented duo performs aerial silks and aerial trapeze.

Looking for an aerial act that is completely unique? Then our Trapeze Duo Inspiration is the circus entertainment act for you. An aerialist duo who combine the strength of daring into astonishing acts of intricate hanging acrobatic performances, across any stage, event or function.

Trapeze, Aerial gmnastics (2) Trapeze, Aerial gmnastics (3)

Trapeze Duo Inspiration

Trapeze Duo Inspiration

Unique and Dramatic Aerial Act
Highly versatile female aerialists who have performed to stunned audiences internationally. Their powerful and dynamic performances have been seen worldwide, and guarantees to make the audience in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Maldives and all around the Middle East gasp.

The perfect trapeze duo performance for both indoor and outdoor venues. Our duo aerialist has previously produced an unforgettable bespoke performance.  An amazing circus entertainment act for the opening ceremony, both clubs, private parties, festivals, and high-end corporate events, galas and product launches.

JMStrings Entertainment offers a wide range of aerialist duo’s for events in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Maldives, around GCC and worldwide.


To book Trapeze Duo Inspiration get in touch with us today.

Our dedicated team of Circus Entertainment Experts will be delighted to answer all the questions you may have regarding this trapeze duo act and guide you through the booking process.

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